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My Supports August 4, 2011

Church – Bluff City Church

The relationship I have with my Lord and Savior has always been a huge support in my life. Therefore the relationship I have with my church family has also been a huge support. They have been encouraging through struggles. Whether it has been me or another family they are always more than willing to help carry burdens whether through preparing meals or volunteering time. It would be very difficult to not have this support in my life. I know through the hard times in life these people would be there to support me through it. Further, I cannot begin to imagine my life without my relationship with my Lord and Savior. I cannot fathom going through life without this support. Just thinking about doing everything on my own in life is unimaginable. I lean on him daily for guidance. I lean on him to get me through each and every day. Life would be awful without this support.

Husband and Family

My husband and family are both huge sources of support in my life. I know despite what happens in life both my husband and my family will be there to support me. They encourage me daily. They pray for me regularly. I can always talk to them about daily life events. I cannot imagine not having the support of my family and my husband. I know our marriage would not be as wonderful if I did not have his support. He constantly encourages me even when I get stressed about juggling teaching and getting my masters. He helps me find a balance between everything. I wake up each day knowing I have his support as well as my families.

Calendar –

Oh my goodness I am such a planner. I have  a problem with planning. I plan to plan. I think part of this comes along with being  teacher. I rely on my calendar/ to do list a ton. It helps me not replay things I have to do over and over and over in my mind. Without this or some form to remind myself of what to do  I would be lost. I would forget things I needed to do or go get. I would leave stores without the one thing I need. Planning helps me to fill like I have a purpose each day. It helps me to feel accomplished. Without planning I feel like I am unneeded or as if I wasted a day.

My closest friends

I am blessed with some great friends. They have been such huge sources of support in my life. Even now (as I wait to see if our enrollment goes up to see if I get to keep my job or have to move to another school) they are showering me with their support and encouragement. It is situations like the one I face now that I can not imagine my life without their support. If I did not have their encouragement through this (and my families) I would be more of an emotional basket case than I am now. Through their encouraging thoughts, phone calls, texts I have felt calm about possibly having to move schools and grades. Although the waiting period unnerves me they have helped to keep me steady. If I think about these events I face right now and picture what it would be like without the support of my closest friends I realize I would be miserable. They do not allow me to sulk and worry. Instead they fill my heart with encouragement. I am so thankful for them.

If I had to face an event in life like death, the loss of a job, or heart ache and to not have the support of my family, husband, friends, church, and faith – I would be utterly lost. I cannot imagine going through any of these events without the aforementioned support. Without encouragement I would be loss. I cannot imagine not having someone to just listen to the stress of life. It is so encouraging to just know someone backs you up. Through these supports I can make it through the rough periods of life. I know that I have people rooting me on even if life seems so unsure. I know that I can depend on these people to help me in life. If I needed help with meals, child care ( in the future) or anything along these lines I know they would be here to help without having to be asked.  I am thankful for each of these supports and I know it is through these supports that I am who I am now.


3 Responses to “My Supports”

  1. Anabel M. Hermosura Says:

    Thank you for sharing your source of support. You are very fortunate to have the support of your church and your family which has been the source of your strength and inspiration.
    I hope that you will have good enrollment turn out and get to keep the job that you love doing. Have faith and believe that you will have sunshine after rain. Whatever changes happen to your life, just remember that you can overcome all the obstacles and challenges in your life because you have the support of those people who cared for you. Best wishes for you and your family.

  2. Teri Peasley Says:


    The program I manage is funded by another agency and every year, I wait to find out if that agency will continue to support my program. It is frustrating, sometimes scary and always reminds me that I don’t have a patient bone in my body! Needless to say, I can empathize with you in your current situation. I hope it all works out for you. You are lucky to have the strong support of your family, faith and friends as you wait to hear.

    Thank you for sharing!


  3. louann8791 Says:

    Hi Amy:

    I am very much a planner, too! So, it is funny I am in a job that requires planning to the extreme. it just fits with my personality. As a planner, I know I don’t always like feeling out of control. I always know the plan for today, tomorrow, and beyond. I have had the same worries about the stability of my job with our shaky economy right now. I think the stress is heightened by my need to have everything planned out and in control. Like you have I have a strong faith, though. I just need to let go and trust that there may be a bigger plan for me. Rely on your faith and I will send positive thoughts for you.

    Thank you for sharing,
    LouAnn Rhodes

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