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wk 6: Jobs/Roles in the ECE Community: Internationally October 11, 2012

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  • At least three international organizations or communities of practice that appealed to you and why you chose them
  • Job opportunities (currently available or not) that interest you
  • What skills and experience you would need to competently fulfill each of these roles

1. Save the Children is an organization that works to protect children in different areas of the world. They offer help through a variety of programs. One program I find interest in is their program towards educating young children. They offer support to both teachers and young children. Save the Children organization works to provide books to children in rural areas as well as emergency response efforts in regards to educating  children.

One job opportunity that I find interesting is located in Mozambique as the Early Childhood Development Advisor. As the advisor I would be in charge of coordinating reports to give to donors and other partners,as well as create proposals for raising sufficent funds for programs to continue developing and growing within the Mozambique area. I think this would be an interesting experience to have. It would allow me to work with other early childhood professionals in a different area of the world. It would also further encourage and require me to advocate for young children and their educational needs.

-Masters Degree in International Education, Developmental Psychology, or Cultural Anthropology with ECD focus
– Minimum of  three  years experience in early childhood development
– Fluency in Portuguese and English oral and written language skills
– Strong understanding of holistic child development and the ways children learn, including early-literacy methodologies
– Proven experience in managing teams and working well in partnership / consortia
– Solid understanding of educational curriculum development and dynamic training methodologies
– Strong experience in effectively managing budgets a plus
– Experience in monitoring and evaluation systems and the ability to employ development measurement tools to examine impact of services on children, caregivers and community
– Experience in strategies that generate community and partner ownership to ensure sustainable results.
– Representational and advocacy skills and familiarity with the education policy environment in Mozambique
– Good interpersonal skills with ability to communicate effectively at all levels
2. Plan International is an organization that advocates for the rights of children around the world. Plan International helps provide better education and health care for children around the world. They also work to create economic security and offer protection to children.
  One job I would be interested in would be the Girls Global Innovation Program Manager. As the program manager I would be responsible for playing a large role in the campaign I Am A Girl. I would also be responsible for providing leadership and guidance for the Global Girls Innovation program to help expand girl rights and advocate for gender equality. My responsibilities would include offering support to a variety of fundraising efforts, maintaining program guidelines and ensure Girls Global Innovation practices and programs reflect these guidelines, and ensure all initiatives within the Girls Global Innovation Program reflect the high standards and expectations set for them.  I find this job particularly exciting because it would allow me to work for strengthening rights for girls around the world. It would be a big opportunity for leadership. I think this would be a job I would learn a lot in and would be one I would never forget.
  In order for me to assume this position I would have to have the following qualifications:
 – Demonstrate knowledge of gender equality and children’s rights
– Obtain strong gender analysis skills
– Strong organizational skills in both administration and budgeting
– Be a confident public speaker with the ability to influence large audiences
– Fluent in English ( knowing French or Spanish would be a bonus)
– Be self driven
– Know how to listen and collaborate with others effectively
– Masters Degree
– Work relevant experiences
– Technical and research experience in gender equality, preferably with a focus on girls’ human rights.
3. UNICEF is an international organization that I have been familiar with for a good length of time now. They work towards bettering the lives of children around the word with relief efforts in areas of education, protection, health, and equality. They are currently working in numerous areas around the world to better the lives of millions of children.
 One job opportunity I would be interested in is that of an Education Specialist. With this position I would be in charge of organizing data for reports, design, prepare, and implement specific projects, collaborate with other program developers, and meet with both national and international agencies. I guess the reason I find this job interesting is because it would allow me to work alongside other influential people around the world working towards a common interest in educating young children. The qualifications for this job include:
 – advanced degrees in social sciences
– five years of experience in designing and implementing educational programs
– fluent in English
– Knowledge of the local language where assigned

4 Responses to “wk 6: Jobs/Roles in the ECE Community: Internationally”

  1. louann8791 Says:

    Hi Amy:

    I also think the job with Plan International sounds fascinating. I think back to our class on early childhood issues and trends. Some young girls in the world cannot make it to school because of the violence against females in their country. It is dangerous for them to even work to school. I also think of countries where there may not be equal access to educational opportunities due to gender inequalities. I think it is important to be accepting of other cultural traditions, so I hope no one takes offense. But I believe there are some cultures that still see women at a different rank in life than the men and so they do not have equal rights.

    Thank you for sharing these international organizations and roles.
    LouAnn Rhodes

  2. Dear Amy,
    It appears we have selected the same one I found the Save the Children organization to seem to be very fulfilling to be help to help children the way they do. Especially when it not only focused on education but their health as well because I think that is a very important part to childrens education because they can not function if their mind and body is not together. Thanks for sharing

  3. Amanda Martin Says:

    Dear Amy,

    I too researched Plan International. The organization recently put much effort into raising awareness of the plight of girls in underdeveloped nations. Females in many third world countries do not receive the same rights as the males in the same countries and are often brutalized by men without justice. I think that your passion to help bring education and equality to these young girls is very admirable. I too am passionate about such efforts. I hope that you may one day achieve your aspiration of helping young women gain equity throughout the world, but we can start in our early education classrooms. Thank you for your research into international organizations.

  4. Hi Amy! I also researched Save the Children and saw the position in Mozambique as the Early Childhood Development Advisor. I do believe that if I did not already have young children and was so settled where I was I would follow up on this position. It sounds like so much fun and so rewarding! I have always wanted to go and work in a foreign country! Thanks for sharing!

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