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Week 8 August 17, 2012

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Through the past eight weeks and my journey as a whole through this Walden experience I have gained invaluable insights on how to be a more effective early childhood professional.  My most passionate hope for the future as an early childhood professional and for the children and families with whom I work and will work with would be for people to be able to look past differences and embrace each other despite diversity. For people to find celebration in diversity and not conflict so that children would grow up not being afraid to be different!

Thank you for your encouragement these past eight weeks. It has once again been a pleasure to learn alongside each of you. I have enjoyed learning from your posts! The insights I have gained are invaluable. I wish you the best of luck the rest of your journey with Walden! I look forward to learning alongside you in my last class if given the opportunity! I am blessed to have come this far and I am more than excited about embarking on this last course! Best of wishes! I would be more than happy to help each of you if I am ever able! You have each helped me in ways I can not express!


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