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Microaggression January 28, 2012

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  • This past weekend I found out that some colleagues were going to a local restuarant after school to hang out together. My other two teams members had thought up the idea to try and have a good time and encourage communication outside of the work place. When I heard about it in passing I thought it was strange that I hadn’t received an invite by my coworkers. When I mentioned something about it they were very welcoming and replied” Oh girl you should definitely come with us.” I kindly declined and said maybe next time, but I did not want to step into already made plans. To this one coworker replies ” We want you there we just didn’t think it was you thing.” After asking what that meant she explained that she didn’t think the Christian girl would want to come sit with other people that would be drinking. I realized in that moment it was more of a religious thing than a personal thing. I explained to them that I would be more than happy to come whether or not I drank it wouldn’t be an issue. I explained that I hang out with people who drink all the time and don’t think anything of it and apologized if I had given the impression that I condemned them of it. The more we talked the more I realized that it hadn’t been anything I said or did that made them think I wouldn’t be okay with them drinking, but the mere fact that I was a “good christian girl. It made me disappointed that I was stereotyped as being too good for something because of my relationship with my Lord and Savior. It also made me sad that they thought they couldn’t even invite me in fear of what I would think. It ended up being a good situation because it allowed them to see that just because I am a Christian does not mean I judge them for something they do that I may or may not do. Yet, at the time it was very frustrating that the whole situation had occurred.
  • I have realized this week that stereotypes and prejudice are everyone. It amazed me how many comments a day dealt with one of these two issues. I was baffled after really thinking about it and listening for it how many times a day I seem to push these comments aside and not see them for what they are. It also made me take a better look at my own stereotypes and prejudice and reflect on how unfair they are towards others. i want to do a much better job making sure I don’t stereotype people , but allow them to show me who they truly are!

Culture and Diversity January 21, 2012

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Through speaking with four of my friends about what they believed culture and diversity was I received the following definitions:

Culture is the way in which ones community is run. It is effected by religion, government, etc

Culture is the way people act and what they believe in a certain area/race

Culture is a way of life of a group of people. Culture can be found anywhere…different countries, cities, neighborhoods, religions, a certain age group, etc.

Culture is the context from which one comes from… It affects their behavior, beliefs, life, responses, priorities, preferences

Diversity is when many different cultures coming together to either accept each others differences or to not accept

Diversity is being open to different things no matter how completely opposite they are.

Diversity is when many cultures are found in the same area or region. For example: a church which consists of members of different ethnic groups, classes of people, ages, etc

Diversity is when more than one culture or people group are in one context; when things or people are not all considered the same.

Several aspects of culture and diversity I have studied about in this course were included in the answers I received. Most of the examples touched on how culture is a way of life. It is why people act the way they act. One friend even went on to say it is what affects what we believe, how we behave, what our priorities are, and how we respond to things. In regards to diversity most of the definitions I received touched on how diversity had to do with differences and being open to people or things not like you.

Although some aspects of what I have studied were included, there were also some aspects omitted. For example, In regards to diversity ever friend but one answered that diversity had to do with different cultures being in the same area. No one touched on how diversity is more than just culture. Diversity can be age, occupations, sexual orientations, and much more. I feel like everyone basically only hit the surface with diversity has to do with culture.
Before taking this course and others as a Masters student I would have responded a lot like some of my friends only touching on diversity being a part of culture. I now have a much deeper understanding of culture and diversity! Yet, through their responses I realize that not everyone knows how much deeper diversity goes than just on the surface level. Through reading their responses I feel like most people understand that culture impacts life for people on a daily basis. Yet, I do not feel like everyone truly understands that diversity if more than just culture.

Diversity and Equity January 13, 2012

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In the event that a major catastrophe occurred which required me to relocate to a different country with only one change of clothes and three small items I would choose the following items to bring with me:

1. My bible – my faith is incredibly important to me and I know without a shadow of a doubt I would need the comfort of Christ’s word in the days to come. Depending on the country I was relocated to this could be potentially dangerous. Yet, it would also be a wonderful way to share the word of Christ with others.

2.Photo Album – Photos of my childhood. Relocating an unknown country would be scary. It would be very comforting to look through childhood pictures as well as saving these pictures to show my future children so they can learn where their mom and dad came from. It would also allow me the chance to carry on conversations with the new people I meet. I would be able to share stories with them and learn from their childhood experiences.

3. My family cookbook – When I got married my mom had made a cookbook for me that was filled with all of the family recipes I grew up eating. I love to cook. By taking my cookbook I would be able to hopefully recreate some of my home through a traditional dish. I would also be able to cook for other women and possibly teach other women how to cook a few of my meals and have them teach me how to cook some of their meals.

If I were told upon arriving that I could only keep one personal item and have to give up the other two items I brought with me I would be devastated. Each of the items I chose to bring equate comfort in one way or another. I would feel much less secure. I think feelings of numbness would creep in. Just thinking about it makes me feel lifeless and out of control. I see myself just melting to the world feeling as though I have lost who I am in the midst of all that had happened.

As a result of this diversity I have found that  I equate certain things about myself, my family culture, diversity with security. I never realized before that these aspects of my family culture really influenced the items I chose – my faith, my value for family, and my love for cooking. Further, I never thought of my family culture as security yet, through this exercise I have realized just how much comfort and security I equate with things from my family culture. It is not so much that I am afraid to be apart of another culture, but that I would fear my future children would never know of the culture I came from. Further, I find that my greatest fear would be loosing my identity in the midst of all the changes occurring.