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Final Post October 29, 2011

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The three consequences I have discovered from my conversations with my international contacts concerning the early childhood field are the following:

– I have an increased interest in learning about how other countries value education and the strategies they use to reach children. I have become very surprised to learn the information I have on the county of Turkey concerning the early childhood field. I am very interested in learning the teaching strategies of other countries.

– I have a greater appreciation for the  professional development hours required in my district. Through my conversations with my international contacts I have become grateful for the professional development opportunities I am given within my district for free or very little costs.Professional developments help to provide growth for early childhood educators. It also helps to provide a form of collaboration in which I also have a greater appreciation for.


– I have discovered the early childhood field is still in need of major advances around the world. The early childhood field has gained more recognition in the recent years however it is still not valued for the significant developmental period it is. Through my conversations with my international contacts I was frustrated to learn they children were being taught being drilled with information.

One of my newly formed goals is to continue to  collaborate with other international contacts to continue learning about the different teaching styles around the world.

Another goal would be for international organizations to create not only a collaborative group for international early childhood educators, but for their to be a universal requirement for professional development and highly trained staff as well as a commitment to continuing learning.


4 Responses to “Final Post”

  1. Amy,
    I agree with you that there are lots of things we need to do for the field of early childhood.We have raised several issues that face those in early childhood profession. It is heartening that increasingly more professional and political effort is being devoted to solutions to these issues. Articulate public statements, relevant publications , thoughtful research, energetic political advocacy and lobbying is making an impact. There is no question that the needs of young children and families, the importance of high quality care, and the needs of early childhood teachers, like us, are becoming highly visible public matters.
    Knowing you as being an articulate and active member of our class, Iam hoping that you continue to be the “voice” of our field and advocate for the families and children who lack access to high quality programs, as well as be the representative of teachers seeking increase in compensation and benefits for our profession.
    Goodluck to you Amy and thank you for all your postings and support.

  2. CCWhite Says:

    I too have developed a deeper interest and increased appreciation for this field of learning. It is the voice of people such as you and I that will inventually add enough impact to the message of equity and excellence to care and education of early childhood that its penetration will finallly bring the substantive changes that we are all working so hard to accomplish. Until that day, lets continue the work!

    Thanks for such insightful posts!

    My sincere prayers and regards to your successful EC endeavors 🙂


  3. Amy,
    I think it’s a great goal for you to want to keep in touch with your international contacts. I felt as if this was something that I would do as well. I am really happy with the conversations that we have had and it’s amazing to have such a great conversation with someone all the way around the world all within just a couple of minutes. I am grateful to Walden for these experiences. I feel very blessed to have been given these opportunities. Best of luck to you! 🙂

  4. I think it was great that you were able to make contact with someone of another country and learn about their educational system and how they teach early childhood. Although the educational system here in America lacks in quality our children have more advantages than many children of other countries. Continue to do well and keep your interest in learning new strategies at heart and you will be successful in teaching new strategies that will benefit your students. I have enjoyed reading your posts and I wish you much luck!!

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