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My connections to play July 22, 2011

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Relationship Reflection July 8, 2011

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Everyone strives to feel like they belong. No one enjoys feeling alone. Relationships are an important part of life. Anais Nin says “Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.” The following are the people that bring out a new world within me right now in my life.

Andrew Maliskas

(My Husband AKA Hubs)  My husband and I have been married just over two years. Over the last 4.5 years he has become my biggest encourager. He constantly supports me in my endeavours. Along with my encourager, he is my biggest challenger. He challenges me to live a better life daily. He challenges me to do things I am afraid to do and face my fears. As much as I hate being challenged I am grateful for this as well. Throughout the years we have learned about each other and what makes each other tick. The beautiful thing is that through our marriage he has seen me at my worst and despite this he still loves me. Despite my downfalls, attitudes, and sporadic times of moodiness he stands beside me. We have this marriage because we have decided we are in it for the long haul. Two years ago we made a committment to each other. There. Is. No. Way. Out – none, zilch, nada. I find this is what you do in genuine relationships – you commit yourselves through the good and bad. You don’t walk away when things get hard.

Two people who did not walk away when things got hard were my parents                        Bruce and Lisa(aka dad and mom) Commitment comes to mind again. They were committed in raising my sister and I. They did not walk away during the terrible two’s or the attitude driven teenage years. They were also sources of encouragement throughout my life. They were my personal cheerleaders no matter what I did. I am blessed to say I have a great relationship with my parents. They continue to be a source of encouragement today. Our great relationship has taken work. Despite bumping heads over the years as parents and children do we have let go of grudges and worked to move forward. Because of this we have the great relationship we have today.

Joe and Kim

 ( My father in law and mother in law aka Fil and Mil) I am blessed to say I have the world’s greatest in-laws. They have taken me in as if I were their own child. I am encouraged by their committment to prayer for my husband and I **and our future children. Although they did not know me until I was 18 they have taken the time to get to know me. They were welcoming when they don’t have to be. They have rejoiced in our marriage. Despite the miles that separate us they WORK to maintain communication with us. They continue investing in our lives. They are Committed to continuing life with us:) I am blessed beyond measure to be their DIL 🙂

Laura and Michelle (aka my best friends) These girls are more like sisters to me than friends. We have been connected by our passion for children. We have the educators bond 🙂 The three of us have been involved in friendships that have sadly dissolved like some friendships do. We have been involved in friendships with people who have not been committed. Because of this we have seen great friends become acquaintances. Commitment stands out again. The three of us are committed to each other and our lives. Neither busy life nor distance has become a barrier. Although we have been faced with issues that we do not always see eye to eye about – we choose to move past them. We don’t allow differences to define us. Beyond commitment – I treasure the bond I have with these girls. I can tell them anything. I can confide in them. I am thankful for this!

                                                                         Shana Shana is the wife of a pastor at my church. More than this she has become a friend I treasure greatly. We have known each other for about a year now. In this year of knowing each other I have been blessed beyond measure by her friendship. She is on the same page in life as I am which has also been a blessing. My husband has fallen in love with her children (which has been precious to watch). Shana has been a source of encouragement to me. When I face difficulties with being a new wife she has been my mentor. She walks through life with me good or bad. I know I could call her about anything at anytime.  She tells me what I need to hear whether I want to hear it or not. We can be real with each other – and I treasure this greatly.

One of the greatest things I have learned through these relationships and others is commitment. You have to be committed to see it through. All good things take work – especially relationships. Commitment endures any bad that comes. Life is messy. Each of these people have gone through the messy parts of life with me. They have not been afraid to get their hands dirty. I value the commitment each of these people have made to me. Each of the friendships I have had in my life that were not successful lacked one thing – commitment. One of us were not committed to seeing it through the years. There have been good times and bad times that life has thrown my way with each of these people – yet I have been blessed through their commitment to see me through the bad times.

This reflection has made me understand my committment as a teacher. I have committed myself to my students. No matter what kind of day they are having I am committed to making sure they learn. I am committed to providing a safe, nurturing environment for them. I am committed to being an effective teacher even if it means extra work outside of school, exhaustion, and more. I am COMMITTED!  I am ready to get my hands dirty. The children that walk in my room will have their own types of mess in life. I am not afraid to jump in with them.