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Code of Ethics April 16, 2011

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Three of the ideals that are meaningful to me are:
I-3A.2—To share resources with co-workers, collaborating to ensure that the best possible early childhood care and education program is provided.

—— Throughout this year as a teacher and the last month of this course I have realized just how important collaboration with colleagues is. Education is not a one man team. It takes an army. It involves not only the teacher, but the child, family, and community. As a first year teacher I have learned how significant the relationship between parent and teacher can be. Through a positive relationship between parent and teacher boundaries can be broken and progress can be made.  As a teacher I must take the time to understand where a parent is coming from. By doing so I can work alongside the parents to better help their child.

2. -1.3—To recognize and respect the unique qualities, abilities, and potential of each child.

— Each child that enters my room will possess different qualities, abilities, and potentials. It is my job as a teacher to take each of their qualities and abilities to teach in away that will enhance each of my students learning and help them reach their full potential. As a teacher I have to be able to differentiate my instruction to meet each of my students where they are.
I-1.7—To use assessment information to understand and support children’s development and learning, to support instruction, and to identify children who may
need additional services.

—-Assessments are everywhere! I feel that sometimes assessment sounds like this complex term. Yet, I am coming to the realization that it is in fact everywhere! They are also needed. To know what my students are struggling with will help me understand what I need to reteach.  Teaching is all about reflection. Through assessment I can reflect on how I am doing as a teacher as well as how my students are doing with the material I am teaching. If learning is not occurring I can not call it teaching.  Further, I am seeing how much assessment should drive instruction! I want everything I teach to be meaningful!


Course Resources April 2, 2011

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I have created a page full of resources from the Early Childhood Field. Click on the tab labeled Course Resources at the top of this page to access it!

I have also added some additional resources at the very bottom!

Feel free to check these out. My personal favorite is KIPP Academy! They have actually started one in the city I live in. They used to only serve middle school students, but have now added numerous pre-k and elementary programs!